Guidance on completing your Registrant Renewal Form (2024-2025)

Our Registrant Renewal Form for the membership year April 1 2024 – March 31 2025 is now open. To remain on the BPC register from 01 April 2024, you will need to renew your registration by March 31st 2024.

You will need to be logged in to renew your membership – login advice can be found here. Once logged in, you can click here to start the form.

Please follow the guidance below to complete your registration.

If you have any queries or issues, please contact us at

The renewal form needs to be completed in one sitting – you cannot save the form and return at a later time.

Before you start, please ensure you have/know:

  • Which registration category you are renewing as, please take note of the changes to the categories outlined on the website
  • Your date of qualification (the date you completed a course that led to being a BPC Registrant)
  • Any other regulatory body registration numbers
  • Your CPD hours for the calendar year 2023
  • Your countersignatory name and registration number(s) (search here)
  • Your debit or credit card details 

In order to complete the Renewal Form, you will need to check the following information and agree to the following:

Page by page guidance of Registrant Renewal Form

Page 1

First Name and Last Name

The first name and last name fields are not editable. If you wish to show a different name in the BPC register and your profile, please contact us before proceeding.
Your registration number will automatically be shown, and is also not editable.

Have you qualified within the last 2 years?

If you have qualified from your BPC-accredited training within the last two years and have not previously been a BPC Registrant you will be eligible for a discount for Full Registration. Click here to see the fees for each Registration Type.

Date of Qualification

Your Date of Qualification is the date you completed a course that led to being a BPC registrant; your first accredited BPC course completion. Please use the format DD/MM/YYYY. If you only know the month and year or just the year, please enter as best you can e.g. 01/01/2008

Dual Registered

Please click ‘No’ if you are only registered to the BPC and no other regulatory bodies. Please click ‘Yes’ and list in the textbox that opens any other regulatory bodies you are also a member of, as well as your membership or registration number/ID with them.

Context of Work

Please choose the areas in which the majority of your work takes place. This is a multiple choose option, allowing you to select one or more options that apply to your work. If your work context does not meet any of the options, select ‘Other’ and provide some brief details in the textbook that appears.

BPC’s Guidance and Policies

You must confirm that you have read and agree to the BPC Code of Ethics, and will continue to keep updated with guidance and guidelines from the BPC, in order to move onto the next page.

Page 2

Registration Type and Fees

Please select the registration type that is most appropriate to your circumstances. You can find out more information about each category here.

Member Institution(s)

Your Member Institution(s), Membership Title and Membership Status should be automatically filled – these are the titles you hold with your Member Institution(s), not the BPC. They are not editable. If what appears is incorrect or you would like to add further memberships that you hold with our Member Institutions, contact us.

Page 3

Home/Work address

Your home and/or work address is for BPC use ONLY and will NOT be shared publicly. Your work address will only appear if it has been filled in previously. Any correspondence, including our New Associations magazine, will be sent to your home address.


Page 4

Practice Address

Your practice address is the address that appears on your BPC profile on the PUBLIC register. If you do not have any practice information below, your profile will not have any contact information displayed for potential patients to contact you and you will NOT be searchable by location.

If you wish to update your practice details, please contact us at

Page 5


When entering your CPD activity, please enter activity from 1st January 2023 - 31st December 2023

CPD Activity

In this section, please enter the number of hours of clinical and general CPD hours you completed between 01 January and 31 December 2023.

If you were registered under the Deferred category in 2023, you were not subject to our CPD requirements – please enter ‘0’ in these boxes and select the ‘I need to explain my situation’ check box and explain you were in the deferred category.

Note: from 2022 those in the NHS only registration category were subject to BPC CPD requirements outlined here.

Newly registered

If you registered with the BPC for the first time during 2023, your required CPD hours will be measured on a pro-rata basis based on when you joined us. Example: if you first joined us on July 1st 2023, the requirement would be 7.5 hours for clinical CPD and 7.5 hours for general CPD. Each month of membership requires pro-rated 1.25 hours of CPD.

For more information on CPD, please click here.

Explain your situation

If you have been unable to complete the required CPD hours for 2023, click on ‘I need to explain my situation‘. A textbook should appear – please detail why you were unable to meet your clinical and/or general CPD requirements for 2023 in the box. Your details and registration will then be sent to our Professional Standards Committee for approval. Please continue your registration onto the next page.

Page 6


In order to complete your renewal, you must make the declaration that you are Fit to Practise. If you have any concerns or questions about this, you will need to contact us. To agree, click on the ‘I confirm that I have read and understood the declaration above.‘ button at the bottom of the page.

Page 7


You will need a countersignatory for your registration. The countersignatory must have heard your work and can agree they do not know any reason why you cannot continue to be registered. They do not have to be your regular supervisor but must have heard enough about your work from you to be able to make that declaration. Your countersignatory cannot be your partner, close friend or relative.

Normally, we expect your countersignatory to be psychoanalytically qualified for at least five years and be a current BPC Registrant from the psychoanalytic or Jungian analytic part of the register. In exceptional circumstances, we will accept countersignatories registered with another PSA-accredited registers such as UKCP, ACP and BACP. BACP registrants must be BACP accredited to act as a countersignatory. In other exceptional circumstances, we might accept a BPC Registrant not from the psychoanalytic/Jungian analytic part of the register.

If your countersignatory does not meet the above criteria, you will need to send us an email after you have submitted your renewal form to explain why. If your countersignatory does not meet the above criteria, and has not changed, but was approved last year by the Chair of the Professional Standards Committee, you do not need to contact us again.

Our requirements for countersignatories are currently under review as we appreciate they might not be achievable in all circumstances. This review is likely to take some time, and we will notify Registrants of any changes to our requirements as soon as we can.

If you are renewing in the Deferred category, we recommend still having a countersignatory.

My Countersignatory is

If we hold your countersignatory, these details will already be filled in. Please check this is still correct, and update if necessary.

My countersignatory is registered with

The regulatory body of your countersignatory should automatically appear ticked if we already have this information. However, you can add/edit the bodies they are with – it is possible to select more than one.

My Countersignatory’s registration number is

If you have already provided this, your countersignatory’s registration number should appear in the field. If not, please enter their BPC registration number, or registration number if have chosen a different regulatory body.

If you are looking for your countersignatory’s registration number who is a BPC Registrant, you can head to our Find a Therapist page. Type their name in the search box, click on their profile from the results that appear below. Registrant numbers are then listed above the name on all Registrant profile pages.

After this, click to confirm you have spoken with your countersignatory and they are happy for their details to be included within this form and contacted by the BPC if required.


If you have been asked to countersign a registration, you are not required to make any declarations. However, we may contact you to confirm your countersignature in the future.

Page 8


To make payment, please enter your bank details as follows:

In the Blue section, enter your long bank card number.

In the Red section, enter your expiration date.

In the Green section, enter your cards CVC number (three numbers on the back).

As you fill in these card details, a new box will appear asking for your billing postcode:

In the Purple section, enter your cards billing post code.

You must enter your billing post code at the end of the the payment bar; if you do not, the payment will not go through.


If your card details were entered correctly, you should see the below message.

You should shortly receive an email receipt of payment and the renewal process is completed. Please check your spam/junk email folder if you have not received any emails.

If you have any queries/issues while completing this form, please do not hesitate to contact us at