How to complain about a Registrant

Our complaints procedure applies to all BPC Registrants, that is all those practitioners who appear on our public Register.

If you are a patient engaged in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, you have the right to expect your therapist to practise in a safe, effective and appropriate manner. Our role is to ensure that all BPC Registrants are fit to practise.

We are committed to fairness and transparency in our complaints procedure.

What is fitness to practice?

By fitness to practise we mean where a Registrant has the skills, knowledge, character and health to practise safely and effectively. Fitness to practise may also involve issues outside of professional or clinical performance. Fitness to practise is established and maintained by training, supervision and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and by a robust, responsive and fair procedure for dealing with complaints.

How to complain

If you have concerns about your therapy, in the first instance you should speak with your psychotherapist. If that does not work, then you can make a complaint directly to us. A complaint to us should be made in writing and submitted by post addressed to the Fitness to Practise Officer (FtPO) at the following address:

British Psychoanalytic Council
Suite 7, 19-23 Wedmore Street
London N19 4RU 

The letter of complaint should provide the complainant’s full name and postal address for correspondence, the substance of the complaint (including as much detail as possible, such as names, dates and places), supporting information, documents relevant to the complaint and, the name and (if known) place of work of the Registrant. Please note in order to run a transparent complaints process all correspondence in relation to a complaint received from a Complainant will be copied to the Registrant under complaint at the screening stage.

If you are unable to submit a complaint in writing you should notify the FtPO to this effect and submit your complaint by email. The FtPO will then send by email a form which requests you to confirm your postal contact details and signature by return. Complainants who do not send a written or signed complaint should consult the FtPO, outlining the reasons for this. The FtPO, in consultation with our Chair of Ethics, will decide if an exception to the normal requirements can be made.

Further guidance on how to make a complaint can be downloaded below.

Documentation on how to make a complaint

Guidelines on how to make a complaint
- (404 KB PDF)
Further guidelines on how to make a complaint can be found here.
Complaints Procedure
- (772 KB PDF)
Our complaints procedure sets out our procedure when complaints are made against Registrants


Continuing Professional Development

Our registrants are required to maintain their learning throughout their career with ongoing CPD. Find out more here.
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