How to raise concerns about a Registrant

If you are a patient engaged in psychotherapy, you have the right to expect that your Therapist will practise in a safe, effective and appropriate manner at all times. If you have concerns regarding the therapy provided to you by your Therapist, you can raise your concerns with us directly.

Alternatively, if you have concerns regarding a Registrant’s Fitness to Practise in general, you can also raise your concerns with us.

The BPC is a Professional Standards Authority (PSA) Accredited voluntary register and we are responsible for maintaining the register and quality assuring the Fitness to Practise of the Registrants on our public Register.  

How to raise concerns

If you have concerns about your therapy, you should speak with your psychotherapist in the first instance. If that does not work, you can raise your concerns with us directly. Alternatively, and if you wish to raise Fitness to Practise concerns, in general, in connection with a Registrant, please use the same contact details stipulated below.

You can send us an email or contact us by phone on 020 7561 9240. Alternatively you can detail your concern in writing however please be aware that our responses are slower whilst COVID restrictions are in place.

The Fitness to Practise Officer
British Psychoanalytic Council
Suite 7, 19-23 Wedmore Street
N19 4RU

Please include the following details:

  • Your full name and contact details;
  • The substance of the concern, including as much detail as possible such as names, dates and places, supporting information and any relevant documents;
  • The name and (if known) registration number and place of work of the Registrant;

For information on how long we retain Fitness to Practise documentation, please review our Retention Policy below.

Should the BPC receive concerning information during the course of an investigation which raises safeguarding concerns or suggests that a criminal offence may have taken place, we will escalate these concerns in accordance with our ‘Reporting Concerns to Third Parties’ policy below.

Documentation on how to make a complaint

Complaints Procedure
- (992 KB PDF)
Retention Policy
- (161 KB PDF)
Reporting Concerns to Third Parties
- (133 KB PDF)


Fitness to Practise Hearings

The BPC holds Fitness to Practise Hearings to consider serious allegations raised against Registrants
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