Application to re-register with the BPC

Prospective Registrants will be asked to provide the BPC with the correct information, as well as being in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Duty of Candour. An assessment will be made if they are of good character, good health and are a competent professional. If they do not declare relevant details which the BPC later becomes aware of, disciplinary action could be taken against them, including removal from the register.

Any new Fitness to Practise concerns made against the prospective registrant whilst they were not registered will be investigated.

A request to rejoin the register may be rejected if they do not meet our standards, and in this case the £50 admin fee is non-refundable. There is a right to appeal this decision administratively.

  • Please enter the email address you would like us to use for email correspondence.
  • Number of CPD hours undertaken in the last year.
  • Name and Contact Details of 2 referees who know your clinical work.
  • Name and Contact Details of second referee
  • Have you had, or do you know of any ethical concerns or complaints against you?
  • If yes, please provide detailed information.



Find out more about being a BPC Registrant, guidelines, ethics and safeguarding
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