Ethical framework

As a regulatory body for psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, it falls within the remit of our responsibility to ensure that all Registrants practise within a clear ethical framework which protects and acts in the interests of the public.

The ethical framework underpinning this, which aims to ensure that patients are offered a high standard of clinical practice, is set out in two documents: the Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines (downloadable below).

All Member Institutions and BPC Registrants are required to comply with the Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines as part of their membership of and registration with us.

The Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines are regularly reviewed by our Ethics Committee to ensure they are relevant and reflect and respond to current issues affecting the profession.

Both documents are to be found below and can be downloaded by both clinicians and members of the public.

Any member of the public who is, or has been, a patient in psychotherapy or psychoanalysis with a Registrant and has any concern about the ethical practice of their psychotherapist or psychoanalyst can find further information here.

Our Ethical framework is designed to ensure our Registrants have a minimum and common basis to work from.

Ethical Framework Documents

BPC Code of Ethics
- (118 KB PDF)
This Code sets out the Ethical Framework from which are Registrants must abide by (revised February 2011)
BPC Ethical Guidelines
- (188 KB PDF)
An additional document to be read in combination with the Code of Ethics (revised February 2011)


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