Join our Kite Marked roster

Once you have completed one of our kite marked courses, you can apply to join our roster by filling out this initial form.

Once confirmed we will then send through a full membership form. There is an annual fee of £50 to have your details displayed on our roster.

Guidelines for Kite Marked Individuals

All personal details submitted to us will be confirmed with the training organisation before these are published on our roster, and it is your responsibility to contact us if any of the information changes or is incorrect.

If you have an ongoing kite mark subscription with the BPC, you can refer to yourself as a BPC accredited DIT/MBT/TAPP/TFP/CCYP practitioner (delete as appropriate), and direct people to your details published on our roster. You must refer to the roster as opposed to the main register. In addition, you cannot use the BPC logo on your website, third party websites, or within your advertising materials.

If you are not a BPC Registrant, you cannot refer to yourself as so. A BPC Registrant is someone who has undertaken one of our full accredited trainings, holds membership with one of our Member Institutions and is listed on our main register. BPC Registrants renew their membership with the BPC between January and March each year. If you are not sure if you are a BPC Registrant, check with us in the first instance.

It is your responsibility to notify us of any Fitness to Practise decisions imposed against you by other regulators. If you are a BPC Registrant and have been removed from our register following an adverse Fitness to Practise decision, we reserve the right to remove you from the kite marked roster also.

Please note that if we do not have your practice address details, your information will not show on our geographical search on the roster.

We will not offer refunds for membership fees part way through the year.


Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

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