Find a Kite Marked Therapist

The practitioners in this search have qualified from an accredited Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) or an accredited Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT) course.

Unless they are full BPC Registrants (with an additional title displayed on their profile below e.g. psychoanalyst or psychoanalytic psychotherapist), these kitemarked practitioners are not subject to our complaints procedure.

Abbott, Lynn

Abbott, Roselyn

Abbott, Roselyn

Abdelall, Maura

Abdelall, Maura

T: 07931229137

Ablett-Tate, Nicola Sarah

T: 07966 242118

Abrahams, Deborah

Abrahams, Deborah

Adams, Tracy

Adejumo-Platt, Joanne

Adlam, John

T: 02086719422

Adobaya, Lydia

Aguilar Mendoza, Marcela


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