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Our Registrants use a psychoanalytic model of the mind. This means that the symptoms and everyday life difficulties are looked at in depth and what in the sufferer is causing the problem. There are different settings, applications and degrees of intensity. Practitioners may also have expertise in applications other than their original training. Our therapists are governed by a code of ethics which requires that they practise within their own levels of competence.

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Boerma, Maureen

Bressi, Cinzia

T: 0258101915

Brown, Philip

Bruas-Jaques, Claire

Butler, Jennifer

Cairns, Margaret

Canepa-Anson, Abi

Canepa-Anson, Abi

Cohen, Mark

Cook, Jane

Couve, Cyril


The evidence base

There's a growing evidence base that demonstrates the effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy
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