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Same-Sex Couples Holding Hands: Experiences of Homophobia and Internalised Homophobia

Same-Sex Couples Holding Hands: Experiences of Homophobia and Internalised Homophobia – Dr Poul Rohleder In the run up to our annual conference PPNow 2021, Poul Rohleder will present findings from a research project exploring the views, concerns and experiences of LGBTQ individuals about public displays of affection (symbolised by the metaphor of holding hands) with their relationship partner(s). Narrative stories and accompanying images were collected about participants’ internal as well as actual experiences, of anxiety, fear and homophobia, as well as meaningful moments of love and pride. The findings illustrate the various reasons why holding hands in public as a couple is never just a casual, carefree act of affection for many LGBTQ individuals. Dr Poul Rohleder is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and clinical psychologist. He is a member of the British Psychotherapy Foundation, and a trustee of the British Psychoanalytic Council. He is a member of the task group on Sexual and Gender Diversity within Psychoanalysis. For many years he worked as an academic, most recently at the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex. He has been an active researcher on topics of sexuality and marginalised identities.

22 October 2021

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MI Event

Psychosis: Psychodynamic Understanding and Therapy

Brian Martindale will present some of his work with people suffering from psychosis

22 October 2021

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