SCoPEd questionnaire responses

The latest draft iteration of the SCoPEd framework was published in July 2020 and, shortly after, all our Registrants and members of BACP and UKCP were sent a questionnaire.

Over 8,350 Registrants and members responded to the questionnaire, which is a response rate of 14% across the three partners. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views with us.

The aim of the questionnaire was to gather a general understanding of thoughts on the latest version of the draft framework and the project itself, and to select participants for the next stage of the project: the bulletin board.

The bulletin board took the form of a two week online discussion forum. The independent market research agency running the bulletin board used responses to both scale questions (strongly agree to strongly disagree) and open comment questions to select a wide and varied range of participants. The bulletin board could only accommodate a limited number of participants so the importance of selecting a cross section of members that were representative of the full membership and opinions on SCoPEd was paramount.

The bulletin board has now finished and detailed analysis of the discussions is taking place. In the meantime, we’re pleased that we’re now able to share some headline data from the questionnaire.

SCoPEd Questionnaire Results Infographic

Please note, percentages do not add up to 100% as the ‘Do not wish to respond’ option has not been represented on the infographic.

Broadly speaking the data shows that the majority of people felt familiar with the updated framework and that they understood the aims of the project. A large proportion stated support for the aims and felt they could see where they fit in the latest version of the framework.

The data relating to whether people feel heard, are willing to support this iteration of the framework or believe the SCoPEd project will deliver on its aims, suggests a broader range of feelings and highlights there is still important work to be done.



SCoPEd Adoption Announcement

All partners have formally decided to adopt the SCoPEd framework
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