Psychodynamic Counselling

All BPC accredited trainings consist of academic teaching, clinical work and personal psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Find out more about the training components on our page about how we accredit trainings.

Once qualified, those who have undertaken a training in psychodynamic counselling and hold membership with the relevant Member Institution, will be eligible to register with the BPC as a psychodynamic counsellor.

Psychodynamic counsellors are trained to work once weekly, generally with the client sitting on a chair. There may be more of an emphasis on everyday life and outside experiences, but links to the unconscious are made.

See below psychodynamic counselling trainings that are currently accredited by us, with links to their website to find out more about the training content, structure, fees, eligibility requirements and the application process.

Please be aware that completion of some of these trainings does not automatically lead to registration with the BPC, and extra steps may be required.  It is important to be clear about this at the start to ensure, for example, that your own training therapist meets BPC standards, as these are higher than the trainings themselves specify.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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