Fitness to Practise Decisions

We are committed to transparency and fairness in our Fitness to Practise procedure and as a result, we publish the outcomes of our Fitness to Practise Committee decisions in accordance with our Publication Policy.

Interim Orders

Please see interim orders outcomes here.

Fitness to Practise Outcomes

  • Termination of RegistrationChris Perryer (Reg. No. 17051) 16-18 December 2019
  • Admonishment – Anna Steward (Reg. No. 20789) 21 October 2021
  • Admonishment – Amanda Rabin (Reg. No. 20084) 29 October 2021

Fitness to Practise Decisions

Chris Perryer Decision 17051
- (647 KB PDF)
Anna Steward Decision 20789
- (175 KB PDF)
Amanda Rabin Decision 20084
- (1 MB PDF)


Interim Orders Outcomes

We publish Interim Measure outcomes in accordance with our Publication Policy. To find out more, click here
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