Professional Trustees

The BPC’s Code of Ethics requires Registrants to nominate two colleagues to hold a list of the Registrant’s patients and supervisees so that the latter may be contacted in the event of the Registrant’s inability to work or death. These two colleagues are generally referred to as the Registrant’s Clinical Trustees or Professional Executors.

  1. When a Registrant dies or becomes unable to work, the emotional suffering experienced by their patients and the overall psychological impact can be extensive and protracted. The BPC recommends that Registrants undertake sufficient CPD in this area so that they have an informed understanding of the risk of harm to their patients if therapy stops on account of the Registrant’s illness or death. One of the steps that can be taken in advance to reduce the degree of harm in that eventuality is the appointment of Professional Trustees.
  2. The BPC recognises that the task of Professional Trustees can be a substantial undertaking and that simply to provide Professional Trustees from time to time with a list of patients and supervisees will be insufficient to equip them to perform that undertaking. Frequently, there will be many practical and other questions which require attention, in the event of death or inability to work, and Professional Trustees will lack answers.
  3. To assist Professional Trustees in the proper discharge of their duties, and in the interest of patients, the BPC has produced guidance to assist our Registrants (see below). This guidance recommends that Registrants prepare a document which addresses, not only the provision of patient and supervisee lists to Professional Trustees, but all practical and other questions likely to arise in the event of a Registrant’s death or inability to work.
  4. Please see the full guidance below in addition to the draft ‘Template of Instructions to Professional Trustees’ and sample documents in Word format for ease of convenience.

Guidance and template documents

Professional Trustees Guidance
- (239 KB PDF)
Template Instructions to Professional Trustees
- (23 KB DOC)
Sample Access Documents
- (17 KB DOC)


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