Guidance on completing our New Registrant Form

Our New Registrant Form is for all practitioners who have completed one of our accredited courses (or equivalent) and are a member of one of our Member Institutions (MIs).

Please follow the guidance below to begin your BPC registration. Your MI will have sent you the link to our New Registrant Form – this page is a guidance document only.

If you have any queries, please contact us at

The New Registrant Form must be completed in one sitting – you cannot save the form and return later.

Before you start, ensure you have/know:

  • Which registration category you are joining
  • Your Date of Qualification (the date you completed a course that led to being a BPC Registrant)
  • Other Regulatory Body registration numbers
  • Your payment card details

Page by page guidance of New Registrant Form

Page 1

Personal details

Enter your personal details, including title and name. This information will appear on your BPC profile.

This box is where you may write a short description about your clinical experience, expertise, or any other information about your practice. This text will appear on your public profile and will assist referrers and potential clients, so please keep details relevant to your BPC registration.

Indicate whether you are available to offer supervision or accepting referrals. This information will appear on your BPC profile. This information can be changed any time after registration. This information will appear on your BPC profile.

Areas you have trained in *

This information is based on your training and is confirmed by your MI. These are the people you are trained to work with, such as adults, children, couples etc. You may choose multiple options. This information will appear on your BPC profile.

Medically Qualified?

Tick the box if you are medically qualified. This information will appear on your BPC profile.

Date of Qualification

This is the date you completed a course that led to becoming a BPC Registrant. This date will be your first accredited BPC course completion. If you only know the month and year or just year, please enter as best you can, e.g., 01/01/2020.

Type in an exact date in the box, following the format: dd/mm/yyyy.
You must click on the highlighted date to save it.

When correctly entered, the date will look like the entry below.

I qualified within the last two years

If your qualification date was within the last two years, select ‘Yes’. This will lead to a fee reduction (your fee and BPC category are chosen on Page 4).

Please list any other registers you are listed with, e.g., BACP, UKCP, GMC.

English will be set as a default. You may choose additional languages here. This information will appear on your BPC profile.

BPC’s Guidance and Policies

Please read and accept the BPC Code of Ethics and equal opportunities policy. You must agree to other BPC policies and guidelines.

Page 2

Home Address – Address, City, Postcode, County, Country

Your Home address is the address we save for our internal records – this is not displayed publicly on the BPC register. We will use this address to send any post, including your New Associations subscription.

Email Address and Phone Number(s)

We will use this email to contact you about your BPC membership, changes to policies, and our monthly eNewsletter. The phone number(s) you enter here will be used by BPC staff should there be need to. These details will not be displayed publicly on the BPC register.

Practice information

To have your practice information displayed on your BPC profile, click on the ‘Add practice address’ button. Your Practice information is publicly displayed on the BPC register. It is your choice to display your Practice information on your profile. You may add more than one set of practice information if applicable. If you do not add a ‘practice email’ or a ‘practice phone number’ your contact details will not be visible on the public register.

As per your Home information, you will be asked to detail your practice address. Details entered here will appear on your BPC profile.

Email and phone number(s) entered here will appear on your BPC profile. If you don’t enter this information, people won’t be able to contact you after finding you on the register. These can be amended/removed at anytime after you complete the form.

You may enter a link to your personal practice website in this field. You must include the full link, i.e., http:// or https://.

Example: – correct, will appear on your BPC profile – incorrect, will not appear on your BPC profile

Page 3

This information details the declarations, standards and codes you are agree to by joining the BPC.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To join the BPC, you must commit to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). For more information on the CPD requirements, please view our CPD requirements page.


BPC Registrants are required to have a countersignatory who meet our requirements. You do not need to declare who this is upon registering, but you will need to have chosen someone and to provide this information when you renew your registration. If you have any issues finding a countersignatory, please complete the form, then email us to let us know.


You must agree to the declaration on this page. If you do not declare relevant details which the BPC later becomes aware of, disciplinary action could be taken against you, including removal from the register. If you are unsure if you are able to register with the BPC, please email us.

Confirming declarations

Click ‘I confirm that I have read and understood the declarations above’ if you have read and understood the information on this page.

Page 4

Registration type

On this page you will choose your BPC registration category. Find more information about requirements and criteria of each BPC category here.

Registration fees are pro-rated throughout the year. After each quarter period of the membership year, we lower the fee by a quarter.

Our membership year runs from 01 April – 31 March annually. Our quarters are as follows:
01 April-30 June: Full annual fee
01 July-30 September: 3 quarters of the annual fee
01 October-31 December: 2 quarters of the annual fee
01 January-31 March: 1 quarter of the annual fee

Primary member institution

To join the BPC you must be a member of one of our Member Institutions (MIs). Ensure you have joined your MI or training organisation before completing this form.

Your primary MI will most likely be the MI you have just recently qualified from and joined. Your Membership status is the membership you have with the MI. Your Membership title is the qualified title you acquired from completing your BPC accredited course at your MI.

The BPC checks information entered in this section with your MI.

If you are a member of more than one MI and have completed a BPC accredited courses with them, enter this qualification in the Member institution 2 and Member institution 3 fields.

Page 5


To make payment, please enter your card details.

You must enter your billing post code at the end of the payment bar; the payment will not go through (see example below).



Page 6


If your card details were entered correctly, your banks security check should appear. Complete this check otherwise your form and payment will not go through.

Once completed, you will be taken to the Confirm page.

Click on ‘Confirm payment’ for your payment and form to be processed.

Page 7

Welcome to the BPC!

If you see the page below, you have successfully paid and applied to join the BPC.

An email payment receipt will be sent to your chosen email address. Please check your spam/junk email folder if you do not receive confirmation.

Once your application has been received, we will check the information with your MI. This check might take some time depending on your MI. Once confirmed, we will send you a BPC welcome and login details for your BPC account.

If you have any queries whilst completing this form, please contact us.


Confidentiality and GDPR

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