The simplest route to the BPC register is to have completed one of our accredited trainings. However, it is possible for people to apply for equivalence with an Member Institution (MI). This means going through a process to confirm that the training and experience this person has undertaken is equivalent to one of the BPC accredited trainings.

In order to apply for equivalence you will need to know the title you are applying for (e.g. psychoanalytic psychotherapist, psychodynamic counsellor), and find an MI that is able to approve this. You would need to contact the Member Institution directly to confirm their process and any specific criteria they might have.

They will ask for further information and evidence about your training and clinical experience to ensure you are functioning at an equivalent professional standard to other BPC registrants in the relevant category. They may ask for:

  • transcripts and/or the curriculum of the psychotherapy training you have undertaken
  • frequency or duration of your training cases
  • a copy of your CV and/or further information about your clinical work since qualifying
  • information about supervision post-qualification
  • details of your personal therapy, such as duration and frequency
  • details of any professional registration or regulation (and membership numbers)
  • References
  • Follow up interviews to discuss the above

They will then compare this information to the training criteria for the title you are applying for, and ensure you meet the practice and theory requirements for registration.

Those who have not met equivalence and are unhappy with how this decision was made should contact the MI in the first instance, who should have an appeals process in place. If communications with the MI have been exhausted, you could raise this with the BPC.


Guidance on completing our New Registrant Form

Guidance on completing New Registrant Form
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