Confidentiality and GDPR

We attach the highest importance to confidentiality for all forms of communication between our Registrants and their patients.

In psychoanalytic work patients are invited, not just to be themselves and to reveal intimate secrets, but at times to reveal their worst. This activity can only occur in a situation in which the patient trusts there to be a high degree of neutrality and confidentiality.

It is therefore important that our Registrants keep strict standards of confidentiality on all the information that their patients disclose. Our stance of confidentiality also covers written records and notes that are made about a patient.

The relationship between the therapist and their patient is primarily based on confidence.

We have put together an updated statement on confidentiality, confidentiality and UK GDPR guidance, UK GDPR frequently asked questions (FAQs) and providing notes to authority frequently asked questions. You can find these documents at the bottom of this page.

Information Commissioners Office also provide detailed information and guidance on GDPR. You can also visit their website for further detailed information and updates.

Please note, we are unable to provide individual tailored advice to Registrants as the GDPR legislation is complex. If your require further assistance you may wish to seek professional advice from a legal expert on data protection. They will be able to clarify the finer points of GDPR requirements and what it means for you.

At the heart of GDPR is the protection of personal data.

We collect personal data so that we can operate effectively and provide the public and our Registrants with the best possible service. The information we collect depends on the context of your interactions with us and with our website. Registrants can find out more on how we use personal information on our website by reading our Website Privacy Policy.


BPC guidance confidentiality, related issues and GDPR

Updated BPC statement on confidentiality
- (136 KB PDF)
Confidentiality and UK GDPR Guidance
- (616 KB PDF)
GDPR Frequently asked questions
- (721 KB PDF)
Providing notes to Authority
- (130 KB PDF)


Ethical framework

Our Registrants must practice in accordance with our Ethical Framework. Find out more here.
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