Transference-focused Psychotherapy

Transference-focused psychotherapy (TFP) is a psychoanalytically oriented modality predominantly working with relationships.

What is Transference-focused Psychotherapy?

TFP is an evidence-based psychodynamic psychotherapy developed by Otto Kernberg and colleagues at the Personality Disorders Institute in New York, for patients with a personality disorder such as borderline and narcissistic personality disorders. It has now been extended for other psychological conditions. Therapy is once or twice a week, face-to-face, and preceded by a detailed assessment and diagnosis, and the negotiation of a therapeutic contract. The minimum is one year.

Who are TFP practitioners?

TFP practitioners are qualified mental health professionals, who have done further training in TFP and are accredited with the International Society of TFP.

What is the training?

The training involves attending 42 hours of teaching of the TFP curriculum and two years of supervised practice, followed by an examination. Teacher-supervisors are examined at a higher level. Both levels of training are certified with the International Society of TFP.

Further information about TFP can be found on the International Society for Transference-Focused Psychotherapy website.


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