Full professor in clinical psychology, psychoanalytic psychopathology and psychodynamic therapy

Location: Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France
Start date: September 1, 2024
Deadline for applications: March 10, 2024
Salary: €3500-6500

This is a pre-advertisement; when the official advertisement will be released there will be 1-2 months to submit an application.

The professor will have to teach 192h per year (sometimes less if s.he has some administrative functions) in the broad field of clinical psychology, psychopathology, psychodynamic therapies and psychoanalysis. Teaching can be in English but it’s better (not a priori necessary) if you speak a little bit of French and if you are motivated to learn it. The professor will join the Interpsy Lab (http://interpsy.univ-lorraine.fr/) specialised in clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, the evaluation of psychodynamic therapies and the dialogue between psychoanalysis and other scientific disciplines (e.g. neuropsychoanalysis, exceptional experiences, trauma).
The candidate has a theoretical expertise and a training in the fields of clinical psychology, psychodynamic therapies and psychoanalysis and a track record of clinical practice. A high level of publications (at least 20 papers) and financing in these domains is required.

As you may know, we don’t have tenure tracks in France and for a Full Professorship the recruited will have a permanent position from the beginning (September 2024).

Most professors have a complementary salary thanks to their hospital or private practice.

Contact email: Ariane.Bazan@univ-lorraine.fr

Website: https://interpsy.univ-lorraine.fr/


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