Covid-19 Guidance

We fully acknowledge the anxiety and concern about the personal, professional and societal response to COVID-19 and how they might impact your practice and contact with clients and patients. During these unprecedented times, there are new challenges for both Registrants and patients.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have issued Covid-19 guidance to help registrants through the changes needed to adapt to working during the pandemic. The guidance issued is listed below.

  • All Clinical Work
  • Online and telephone sessions
  • Training
  • Opening the Consulting Room
  • Returning to Clinical Work in the Consulting Room



BPC Covid-19 Guidance

BPC Guidelines 5
- (82 KB PDF)
BPC Guidelines 4
- (62 KB PDF)
Guidance on opening the consulting room
BPC Guidelines 3
- (59 KB PDF)
Guidance on Training and all Clinical Work
BPC Guidelines 2
- (66 KB PDF)
Guidance on online and telephone clinical work
BPC Guidelines 1
- (58 KB PDF)
General Guidance


Covid-19 Resources

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