‘You go from zero to toddler’

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British Psychotherapy Foundation

09 July 2024

Time: 12:00 - 13:30

Price: Free

Location: online


‘You go from zero to toddler’: Therapeutic group work with adopted toddlers and their parents

In this webinar, we will be joined by Dr Sarah Peter and Dr Eva Crasnow who will describe an innovative, preventive model of therapeutic group work with adopted toddlers and their parents, delivered by Chorus (a social enterprise providing specialist mental health interventions to families with babies, toddlers and children under five) in conjunction with Adopt London South. Joined by parents who have taken part in the group, they will outline how this particular therapeutic approach was developed and how it is currently delivered.

Using observational material from sessions, feedback from parent interviews, and discussions with past group participants, they will set out the central features of Chorus’s therapeutic work with adopted families and its impact on parents and children.

Dr Sarah Peter and Dr Eva Crasnow are psychoanalytic child psychotherapists and co-founders of Chorus. Chorus targets support to parents and young children facing adverse experiences, with a particular emphasis on group work, and the co-creation of therapeutic programmes with existing agencies and the communities they serve.

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