Working With The Shadow

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British Psychotherapy Foundation

29 June 2024

Time: 13:15 - 14:45

Price: Free

Location: online


Working With the Shadow: In Nightmares and Dreams, in Relationships and Teams

Continuing our series on the book Jung’s Shadow Concept, Marilyn and David Matthew will be speaking about their chapter on the personal and organisational shadow. Marilyn will be focussing on the personal Shadow as it appears in the consulting room, while David will be discussing the Shadow as it appears in teams and organisations.

Date: 29/06/24. Time: 1:15-2:45. Venue: Online Via Zoom.


This Jung Forum will be of particular interest not only to individual therapists, but to anyone involved in the broader world of teams and leadership.

It is open to the wider bpf membership, as well as analysts, psychotherapists, and trainees from other organisations.


13:15- 14:45: Presentation

This presentation, based on the final chapter of Jung’s Shadow Concept – the Hidden Light and Darkness within Ourselves, edited by Christopher Perry and Rupert Tower, will explore aspects of the Shadow that we encounter both in our work as analysts with individuals in therapy and in the groups and teams we are involved in.

Our work as analysts rests on a number of archetypal patterns – the Wounded Healer, the Wise Elder, the Hero, the Mother/Lover/Father etc. All of these have ‘characters’ have their opposites – their shady sides which must, if individuation is to progress, involve the tortuous process of being brought towards light, often through dreams and nightmares expressed in the psyche or body.

While Marilyn will speak about the Shadow in the consulting room, David will address its function in the world beyond the individual; in teams and organisations.

David’s part will take a more active and experiential approach. Based loosely on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) he will look at the ways that different personality types can cast shadows of difference and misunderstanding, and how teams have their ‘type’ where shadows can lurk and conspire with power to undermine the psychological safety and candour that teams need to thrive.

About the speakers:

David Mathew (PhD) is a specialist consultant in team and leadership development having worked across Europe with companies like Adidas, The Body Shop, Discovery Channel and IBM. He has also consulted with most UK Government Departments, the NHS and local authorities and was a Director at The King’s Fund – the UK’s leading healthcare think-tank – where he was instrumental in bringing James Hillman to the UK to cast a depth psychology perspective to leadership and power in the NHS.

David’s work combines an emphasis on research-based evidence with an interest in the psychology of teams.

He co-founded Teams and Leadership, an interactive online platform helping organisations in this work and has held Visiting Professor posts at Imperial College and Kingston University Business schools.


Marilyn A F Mathew is a Training Analyst for BJAA. She works in private practice with adults and supervisees, and has a special interest in dreams & imagery, the relationship of psyche with soma, non-verbal communication, very early relationships, and Infant Observation.

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