Without Borders: IPCAPA/bpf seminars

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Organised by:

British Psychotherapy Foundation (bpf)/IPCAPA

30 March 2022 - 30 November 2022

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Price: Please follow the link for the prices, there are subsidised prices for trainees (free for bpf members)

Location: online


Without Borders’ is a monthly series of IPCAPA/bpf seminars, exploring international psychoanalytic texts to understand how theory and clinical practice has developed in other parts of the world. Papers discussing clinical, technical and theoretical psychoanalytic issues from all around the world will be explored. It will be an attempt to open up and maintain discussions in relation to clinical practice, informed by culturally diverse and clinically relevant issues that have developed in other parts of the world.

British psychoanalytic theory and practice is rooted in specific ways of thinking. Though psychoanalytic thinking has expanded and developed in other parts in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, US and Canada. The main aim of the seminars is to think and explore psychoanalytic ideas from other parts of the current culturally pluralistic world.

Drawing upon other’s psychotherapists work from all over the world and explore different techniques and ideas, could help us to develop our clinical practice further. In each seminar there will be a summary from a paper/s, which will be circulated 2 weeks in advance of the seminar, presented at the beginning, followed by an open discussion. Then clinically relevant material will be presented and discussed in relation to the main paper, exploring the main ideas and their relevance to our current clinical practice.

The seminars will be recorded and be available for a short period of time after each seminar.

Below is the full list of the seminar topics

26th of January 2022 – External Myths – Internal Realities; The Myths of Birth and Death; Perinatal Interventions COMPLETED

23rd of February 2022 – Rhythm in Psychic Life – Loss & Re-encounter COMPLETED

30th of March 2022 – From Mapping Bodies to Inhabiting the Psyche: Developments in Psychosomatics

27th of April 2022 – Housing the Body – How theory gets embodied across countries

25th of May 2022 – A drive to belong and to love – Looking to the East

29th of June 2022 – A borderless world – Looking at the refugee crisis

28th of September 2022 -Cartographers of an Independent Mind; Frontiers and Sexuality

26th of October 2022- A Body full of Borders – Considerations about Disability

30th of November 2022 -Is the Unconscious Colour Blind?

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