Why Freud?

Organised by:

Guild of Psychotherapists

04 October 2023 - 13 December 2023

Time: 18:30 - 21:15

Price: £500


‘A battle may be fought over Freud, but the war is over our culture’s image
of the human soul.’ Jonathan Lear

‘Reading Freud in itself trains us’. Jacques Lacan

Why start with Freud’s writings in today’s psychoanalytic clinic? Is Freud’s thinking relevant? Where did later analysts take his ideas?

This 10 week course is an introduction to Freud’s thinking in relation to clinical psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. It will critically engage with his thinking around central ideas such as:

The unconscious
Repression and the symptom
Dream interpretation
The nature of sexuality
The Oedipus complex
The notion of transference
Neurosis and psychosis

To book, email training@guildofpsychotherapists.org.uk



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