Understanding and Treating Trauma Conference – Current psychotherapeutic approaches

Organised by:

East Anglian Psychotherapy Network

14 October 2023

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Price: £80 full cost. £50 for trainees


Homerton College [and online]
Hills Road

United Kingdom

Map of address


This conference on Trauma brings together three internationally recognised experts in the field of trauma, each with their own area of understanding, expertise and focus.

As clinicians from a wide range of professional backgrounds and trainings we are all likely to encounter individuals who have experienced or been the victim of trauma, be it historic or ongoing, consciously remembered or manifest mainly through symptoms of the body and mind. How do we understand the nature of trauma and its psychological effects and how do we equip ourselves to recognise, contain and treat its immediate or enduring effects?

In this conference we examine, with the help of experts and experienced speakers, whether clinical experience and research has provided us with a coherent approach to treatment. And if there is to be treatment, then which modalities of treatment and when? Addressing such questions is crucial for people we see for whom, as a counsellor or therapist or doctor, we may be their ‘first port of call’ for help.

Delegates may attend in person or on-line.

To book, email timdcfox@gmail.com



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