The Use of Dreams in the Healing Process of Eating Disorders

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Organised by:

Association Of Jungian Analysts

03 October 2023

Time: 20:15 - 22:00

Price: £15

Location: online


Can the changing world open up to analytical psychology?

Dr Yoram Inspector is a consultant Psychiatrist and Jungian Analyst recently retired as the Head of the Psychological Medicine Unit of St Mark’s Hospital, London, which provides psychological treatment and support for people who cope with various gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. He is a member of the Society of Analytical Psychology and The New Israeli Jungian Association.

This is an open meeting and will be both live online and in person for those wishing to attend at The Association of Jungian Analysts, 27 Delancey Street, London NW1 7RX. Guests are welcome.

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