The Political Mind Series 2023

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Organised by:

British Psychoanalytical Society (incorporating the Institute of Psychoanalysis)

16 May 2023 - 25 July 2023

Time: 20:15 - 21:45

Price: Standard £265.00 | BPC Members £240.00 | Concession £175.00

Location: online


These seminars will explore contemporary issues such as the pandemic, racism, totalitarian thinking and dangers to democracy, as well as the NHS, the market economy, the climate crisis, and gender and sexuality.

Chaired by David Morgan with Ruth McCall, Narendra Keval, Rachel Gibbons and Anuradha Menon.

David Morgan Chair and Organiser of Political Mind.

Event Programme:

16 May | “The loss of the Capacity to Care and the Link to Ideology: when certainty replaces the uncertainty of enquiry” – Phil Stokoe, chaired by David Morgan.

23 May | Mourning idealisation and mending ideals in the human climate – Sally Weintrobe

30 May | Marching Under the Banner of the Superego: Notes on ‘the Mania for Reproaching – Prof Don Carveth, chaired by David Morgan.

06 June | From disdain to appreciation: unwelcome immigrants and psychic borders – Dr Constanza Aranguren, chaired by Narendra Keval.

13 June | War…Psychoanalytic reflections on the conditions of the possibility of human destructiveness – chaired by Rachel Gibbons.

20 June | ‘Antisemitism and Magical Thinking’ – Dr Renée Danziger, chaired by Ruth McCall.

04 July | ‘Political Action, Psychoanalytic Action’ – Prof Bob Hinshelwood

11 July | Apocalyptic Times and The Missing Debate. The evil of modernity begins with the disappearance of the community of listeners. Walter Benjamin (1995 [1970]) – Dr Jonathan Sklar.

18 July | The Psychoanalytic Debate about Race and Racism. Different Perspectives Compared – Prof Michael Rustin

25 July | Justice: When Law and Psychoanalysis Meet… What the unconscious and irrational have to do with judicial functioning – Rakesh Shukla TBC

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