Ruth Feldman: The Biology of Love | Legacy Interview

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This is a partnership event with MINDinMIND, APA Division 39 Section II and The National Service Office for Nurse-Family Partnership & Child First.

31 May 2023

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

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Conversations with Luminaries in the Field of Child Psychotherapy

LIVE Legacy interview with internationally acclaimed psychologist, Dr Ruth Feldman and special guests Dr. Daphna Dollberg and Dr. Shafiq Masalha

31 May 2023 @4-6pm UK /11am-1pm ET/6-8pm Israel

If you’re unable to make this time, a recording will be made and sent to all ticket holders.

Our next live legacy interview is with Ruth Feldman, one of the most impactful scientists and clinicians in the world. She is the Simms-Mann Professor of Developmental Social Neuroscience at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzlia and Yale Child Study Center.

In our interview hear about:
– Ruth’s research on ‘kangaroo skin to skin’ care which has revolutionised how premature babies are treated all over the world

– Ruth’s extraordinary research on the biochemistry of love which discovered that so-called love hormones like oxytocin don’t just belong to mothers! Gay dads, straight dads and foster carers all get an oxytocin hit if they are closely involved with their babies

– Up to 15% of new mothers are affected by depression which can seriously impact on their babies. Hear about Ruth’s groundbreaking intervention

– How hearts and brain sync in trusting relationships and why Ruth’s research should shape parent-child therapeutic interventions

– How building understanding, empathy and connection can overcome cultural difference in communities

– Why infant research is so vital for clinicians working with any age group

– How our microbiome supports attachment and links with sociability, stress management, and mental health.

Ruth is among the top 0.01% of scientists based on impact and has won multiple awards including’s Best Female Scientist 2022. She has been named by Expertscape as World Expert in Parent-Child Relations, and World Expert in Psychoanalytic Theory.

She will be in conversation with her specially invited guests, Dr. Daphna Dollberg, her colleague working on their postpartum depression intervention study and Dr. Shafiq Masalha discussing their intervention for Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

There will be time for questions from the audience.
If you’re unable to make this time, a recording will be made and sent to all ticket holders.

We are looking forward to warmly welcoming you.

Jane O’Rourke and Salam Soliman, Co-Presenters

More about Dr Ruth Feldman:

Ruth has developed multiple, widely-implemented interventions. She was the first to utilize the Kangaroo Care intervention within RCT and demonstrated its long-term impact on brain and development of premature infants up to adulthood. This provided the first scientific evidence that led to its implementation in NICUs across the world.

Her longitudinal studies on maternal post-partum depression led to evidence-based video-feedback intervention currently implemented across Israel and altering health policies.

Her research on fathers’ brain introduced changes in government parental leave policy, and her post-COVID intervention for preschoolers with anxiety disorders is widely utilized in Israel.

Her recent work on the microbiome signature of PTSD and resilience, based on 15-year follow-up of children reared in war-zones, offers new opportunities for microbiome-based tools in child and adolescent psychiatry. Her birth-to-adulthood observational studies offer unique window into “how early relationships become brain”.

Among her impressive achievements is the long-term effort on behalf of Israeli and Palestinian children exposed to war and trauma.

Alongside Palestinian colleagues, she was the first to study parenting and family formation in the West-Bank and specify relational precursors of children’s aggressive versus dialogical conflict resolution in kindergarten.

In 2004, she formed with colleagues the ERICE initiative that implemented early interventions and professional training in West-Bank and Gaza. She developed the “Tools of Dialogue” group-based intervention for Israeli and Palestinian young people, implemented in rigorous RCT, and showed its impact on brain, behaviour, and peacebuilding attitudes 7 years later, in young adulthood.

Ruth will be in conversation with Jane O’Rourke and Salam Soliman.

Jane O’Rourke is a Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist and Founder of MINDinMIND. She was formerly a senior producer at the BBC and recently won the Association of Infant Mental Health’s Founders Prize. She runs the counselling service in a state primary school in London, UK.

Salam Soliman is Director of NCTSN’s Center for Prevention and Early Trauma Treatment at Child First and Nurse Family Partnership and Board Member of American Psychological Association’s Division 39 Section II, based in the USA.

This is a partnership event with MINDinMIND, APA Division 39 Section II and The National Service Office for Nurse-Family Partnership & Child First.

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