Re-visiting Psychotic Aspects of the Personality

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Organised by:

UCL Psychoanalysis Unit

03 December 2021 - 05 December 2021

Time: 15:30 - 13:30

Price: £120 (Standard), £70 (Concession)

Location: online


This virtual UCL Psychoanalysis Conference will present detailed psychoanalytic work seeking to describe and further understand these fundamental problems in the context of their occurrence in a wide spectrum of psychopathology – from the apparently normal and mildly neurotic to the most overtly and grossly disturbed – and across the life cycle: in children, adolescents, adulthood.

Conference (4th and 5th December):
The Main Papers will be given by Catalina Bronstein, Kate Pugh and Helga Skogstad

The Parallel Paper & Panel Contributors are Lydia Chambers, Shmuel Erlich, Tomasz Fortuna, Becky Hall, Rob Harland, John Lahr, Louise Phillips, Alla Rubitel, John Steiner & Philip Stokoe.

The Contributing Chairs include Nicola Abel-Hirsch, Liz Allison, David Bell, Julia Britton, Francesca Hume, Daniel Pick & David Taylor.

Clinical Seminars (3rd December):
The afternoon Clinical Seminar, 15.30 – 17.00, will be led by David Tuckett.

The evening Clinical Seminars, 18.00 – 19.45, will run concurrently in different groups. Their leaders are: David Bell, Donald Campbell, Fakhry Davids, Peter Fonagy, Mary Hepworth, Francesca Hume, Daniel Pick, Irma Brenman Pick, Kate Pugh, Vic Sedlak, Wilhelm Skogstad, Gigliola Fornari Spoto & David Taylor.

For more information, including the full programme and Parallel Paper abstracts, please visit:

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