Psychoanalysis and Mental Health | Suicidality in Adolescents

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British Psychoanalytical Society (incorporating the Institute of Psychoanalysis)

15 October 2022

Time: 09:30

Price: £30

Location: online


With Sara Flanders and Bernard Roberts

Saturday 15th October 2022
9:30am – 12:30pm (BST)

Chaired by Kate Pugh and Natasha Harvey

Online via Zoom.

Adolescents are frequently told that they have their whole lives ahead of them, but for those adolescents who are experiencing trauma and mental health issues, this can be an unwelcome and too overwhelming prospect.

One of the major developmental tasks in adolescence involves separating from the parents sufficiently to form their own identity and to manage their sexual body as they begin to enter adult sexual life. For some, and for a variety of reasons, this is felt to be too difficult and suicidal fantasies and the actual act of suicide is felt instead to be a solution.

In this area about which we still know so little, and around which we need so urgently to keep discussion alive, we will explore suicidality in adolescents through detailed psychoanalytic work presented by two psychoanalysts who are working with young people who are struggling with severe mental illness and suicidal risk.

Sara Flanders, Child and Adult psychoanalyst
The Allure of Omnipotence: Suicidality in Adolescence

Bernard Roberts, Child and Adult psychoanalyst
The Savage Superego Unleashed – Working with an adolescent who mutilated her body

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