Play & Playing Working Group (Expression of Interest)

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Independent Psychoanalytic Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Association (IPCAPA) - bpf

22 March 2022

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We are now inviting people to show their interest in taking part in this new exciting IPCAPA Working Group to help us understand further issues around play and playing in psychotherapy.

This NEW study group will be thinking theoretically, clinically and research-wise in understanding the multi-layered meaning of play and playing. This group will take place via Zoom online and is for both qualified and trainee ACP/BPC members to express their interest.

Dates will be confirmed once the number of members are confirmed.

This closed working group will be consisted by qualified and trainee clinicians to meet once every 2 weeks/once a month, present clinical material and focus on understanding the material around playing. The group would preferably bring together clinicians from the 3 different theoretical groups; Winnicottian, Kleinian and Anna Freudian. This will help us on building a diverse understanding on why and how play is used by children. For example will try to understand if play is a form of dealing with unconscious anxieties, and/or representations of phantasies, and/or a way to master skills and emotions, and/or a way of defence, etc. The group will take into account the developmental framework and think also of the sensory and motor developments, language and processing information and the qualities of engagement with the therapist, when child is playing or not playing.

An important aspect of the group is also to build and think on ideas on technique, when for example a therapist needs to become more active or more interpretative or when can he/she uses play and/or words to make an interpretation in displacement.

After a group is formed, it will consider further the framework of the 1.5 hour meetings, how often (twice or once in a month) and the structure of it. Each member will present clinical material and the group will try to bridge theory, clinical experience and research into understanding the nuances of Play and Playing.

This study group will be of interest to practising ACP/BPC trainee and qualified members, whether in private practice or in the NHS.

The expected time commitment is approximately 1.5-hour meetings you would need to be available on Monday or Wednesday evenings. Appropriate reading will be available for the group members to go through it at their own time.

For any questions or queries about this group and to note your interest in participating , please email Nikolaos Tzikas on

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