‘Now pay attention: God is nameless, because no-one can say anything or understand anything about God’

Organised by:

West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy

12 June 2023

Time: 19:15 - 21:00

Price: £40 Professionals, £30 WMIP Members, £25 Students

Location: online


As psychotherapists, we may sometimes find ourselves in the therapy room with clients who hold a particular religious faith. Their faith may not have directly brought them to therapy, but it forms a significant part of their psyche. Therapists can report a lack of confidence in working with their clients’ experience of religion or spirituality, especially when the client starts to talk about their images, perceptions or understanding of God. In addition, we as therapists may carry our own particular experiences of faith, religion or belief, which may help or hinder our capacity to respond to our clients’ struggles in their faith journey. It may be helpful for us to have a framework of understanding that can help illuminate a person’s ‘spiritual journey’, and the God concepts that may ebb and flow as a person grows or changes.

In this paper Susannah will be exploring how a spiritual journey may unfold, and potentially deepen, with an eye to what may facilitate or hinder this. In place of clinical vignettes, she will be offering aspects of her own personal story to illustrate the process.

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