Natural Self: Developing an ecologically-informed therapeutic practice

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Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training

03 November 2023

Time: 10:00 - 11:30

Price: £25+ booking fees

Location: online


The event:

This 1.5 hour training will introduce participants to the core teachings and benefits of nature-based therapy, provide an experiential taster (even via Zoom!) and explore ways to integrate these perspectives into therapy practice.

• Introduction to key concepts from the multidisciplinary field of ecopsychology

• Brief review of the health-boosting benefits of nature connection

• Facilitated Nature-based Mindfulness and nature connection experience

• Exploration of the benefits of an ecologically-informed therapeutic frame + practice

• Integrating these enriching perspectives into our every day work

• Q&A

The trainer:

Freddy Weaver biography:

I hold a Integrative Counselling and Ecotherapy practice in Devon and online, and occupy a psychotherapy role at the pioneering Rite To Freedom charity on Dartmoor. I have been counselling in individual and group settings for over fifteen years now, working in the private healthcare sector and charitable organisations alike.

As time has gone on I’ve become increasingly interested in the systemic issues at play in individual mental health, in particular our relationship with the natural world.

Most recently I have launched The Hearth Retreat in Devon, hosting transformational nature-based experiences in a beautiful natural setting to explore how our connection with the natural world can support and enhance addiction recovery, improve mental health, catalyse blossoming into our potential and foster wholeness.

The migration westwards from the south-east into wilder tracts of the countryside reflects a deepening interest in nature-based therapeutic practices. On arrival in Devon I undertook a year’s study in Ecology, Indigenous Wisdom and Systemic Change at The Schumacher Institute, South Devon, fusing my interests in individual change with the wider societal issues facing us today. Since then I have trained at The Natural Academy – a Nature-based Therapy and Ecopsychology organisation in the South-West. I have also trained in the Work That Reconnects – a structure that enables us to address our personal relationship with large systemic and existential issues, such as the ecological crisis, and empower ourselves to authentically respond.

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