Mourning and Melancholia – a Talk by Darian Leader

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Wessex Counselling and Psychotherapy

25 January 2022

Time: 20:00 - 22:00

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Psychoanalyst and author Darian Leader discusses the different states of separation, loss and distinction between mourning and melancholia

About this event
When we encounter depressive states in the clinical setting, we often find underlying questions of separation and loss. But the way in which these are experienced and recognised differs significantly from person to person, and in many cases a loss is not acknowledged, and may only become so in the therapy. How can we distinguish these different states conceptually, and how does the distinction between mourning and melancholia illuminate this question and help us to reflect on directions in the therapy?

About the speaker
Darian Leader is a psychoanalyst working in London and a member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research and of The College of Psychoanalysts-UK. He is the author of several books including: ‘Why do women write more letters than they post?‘; ‘Freud’s Footnotes‘; ‘Stealing the Mona Lisa: What Art Stops Us From Seeing’; ‘Why do people get ill?‘ (with David Corfield) , ‘The New Black: Mourning, Melancholia and Depression’, ‘What is Madness?‘, ‘Strictly Bipolar’, ‘Hands‘, ‘Why Can’t We Sleep? (2019) and ‘Jouissance; Sexuality, Suffering and Satisfaction‘, (2021). He writes frequently about contemporary art.

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