IMAGO-X Event 2: The Lost Illusion (Fallen Idols)

Organised by:

Donald Butler and Spencer Rowell

26 March 2023

Time: 14:30 - 17:30

Price: £12


Jackson's Lane
269A Archway Road

United Kingdom
N6 5AA

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IMAGO-X is a new psychoanalytic broadsheet that brings the language of psychoanalytic discourse alongside the language of art. Its intent is to evoke the magic of poetry and the artistry which is found at the soul of psychoanalysis.

IMAGO-X Issue 2

This event is setup to accompany the release of the second IMAGO-X publication.
It’s aim is to bring together anyone interested in the arts and of the art of psychoanalysis. At the event you will meet the artists, look at some art, listen to some live music and engage in lively creative discussion through presentations, talks and panels.

Come along to critique the curators and publishers of IMAGO-X project.

The afternoon will comprise of our cover artist Ian Phillips McLaren. His installation, ‘Self and Other’, will be presented alongside original artwork. The psychoanalyst Yael Bankirer will present ’The fall from grace of the masculine’. Lively psychoanalytic discussions, speakers and Q&A.

Presented by Donald Butler & Spencer Rowell. Music live and created by Tommy.

For more information about IMAGO-X including subscriptions to the broadsheet please visit our website.

For all other queries please email us.

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