How to Heal Childhood Trauma: Legacy Interview with Joy Osofsky

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Jane O’Rourke

03 October 2022

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

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Conversations with Luminaries in the Field of Child Psychotherapy
LIVE Legacy interview with Prof Joy Osofsky, internationally recognised psychoanalyst specialising in how we should respond to children and their families following traumatic events.

Joy has received many awards for her work on the traumatic effects of natural disasters, wars and shootings. She has been celebrated for her innovative trauma work with juvenile courts (Safe Babies Court Teams) and addressing the abuse and neglect of young children, substance abuse and serious mental illness in families.

In conversation with special guests Prof Brenda Jones Harden, President of the Board of Zero to Three and Prof Hiram Fitzgerald, leading specialist on Adverse Childhood Experiences and Fatherhood.

In this series of interviews, we are profiling the work of leading lights in child psychology and the wisest of minds to help give the children we work with or care for the very best start. There will be time for questions from the audience.

If you’re unable to make this time, a recording will be made and sent to all ticket holders.

Dr Joy Osofsky
In this interview with Joy, we will ask:
– Why it is important to understand trauma through the eyes of a young child.
– What causes children to be traumatised?
– How to heal childhood trauma?
– Ways to support resilience to help children recover following traumatic experiences
– How children can articulate the unspeakable and express feelings through play
– What derails children’s development and leads to developmental delays, attachment difficulties, and emotional / behavioural dysregulation?
– Why are young children particularly sensitive to trauma?
– What Joy has learned about the needs of young children following natural disasters such as hurricanes and pandemics?
– How can children be protected even when there are high levels of danger such as war?
– How can parents be supported after trauma so they can be more emotionally available for their children?
– The benefits of observation in spotting the ‘red flags’, signs that a baby or toddler’s emotional needs are not being met?
– ‘Baby Courts’: why judges and lawyers in the court system need to know about infant mental health and how this has been transformational for many drug addicted parents and their children

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