Holding the Frame: Meeting and Working with the Unthinkable

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Organised by:

West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy

17 September 2022

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Price: £30 Students / £55 Members / £65 Professionals (£10 Early Bird discount available until 30th May)


St Martins in the Bull Ring
Edgbaston Street

United Kingdom
B5 5BB

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Training Analyst Katherine Killick will be our speaker and the session will explore the role of the frame in the therapeutic setting and what happens when it comes under pressure.

Establishing and maintaining a frame, which facilitates psychotherapeutic work, can be challenging because of issues constellated at
the most primitive levels of the psyche.

Enactments in relation to the frame can present dilemmas for the therapist which feel insoluble because they present events that are in fact insoluble in psychic reality. A grasp of the meaning and potential significance of these enactments can develop the therapist’s capacity to establish an interactive field within which early trauma, anxieties and defenses can be engaged and worked with.

This workshop will offer a working definition and understanding of ‘the frame’ within the psychoanalytic tradition and explore it’s significance with reference to case material and application of theory.

The nature and meaning of the frame and attacks on it and other enactments in relation to the frame will be explored and considered in relation to participants’ experiences.

Please do come to the session with your thoughts and examples/clinical experiences to explore in small groups.

Should you want it, introductory reading on the subject of the frame can be found in: ‘An Introduction to the Therapeutic Frame’ by Anne Gray (Routledge). An additional reading list will be issued after the event.

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