Fathers and Fathering: Contemporary, Historical, Personal and Analytical Reflections for Clinical Work

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Tavistock Relationships

09 December 2023

Time: 15:00 - 19:30

Price: £80.00 (£60.00 Trainee/NHS/Subscriber)

Location: online


With Aileen Alleyne, Eugene Ellis, Michael Diamond & Phil & Carolyn Cowan

How we understand psychological development has evolved considerably since Freud theorised that a child with an absent father, raised by a single mother, will face challenges in their personality and identity. Today this theory is considered heterocentric, westernised and outdated, and contested in research. However, the ‘absent father phenomenon’ remains a pertinent area of exploration in therapeutic theory and practice, especially considering fathers have traditionally been overlooked by academic researchers and family service providers.

This live webinar will offer an opportunity to think about the challenges for men in becoming fathers, intergenerational re-enactments, a lack of support in social services and a narrative that places women at the centre of care for the child.

Through both research, clinical and personal perspectives, our speakers will offer ideas and reflections on how to work with clients who have experienced physically and psychologically ‘absent fathers’ as well as supporting male clients in the journey towards ‘good enough fathering’. We will finish with a Q&A with the participants and all speakers, focusing on considerations for clinical practice.

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