Eco-anxiety in the Consulting Room

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03 December 2022

Time: 10:00 - 11:30

Price: General Admission £30

Location: online


This event will be delivered via Zoom.

How can we take the climate crisis seriously without succumbing to depression, anxiety and pre-emptive grief?

How can we best respond to our analysands’ climate-related suffering?

Treatments for ‘eco-anxiety’ tend to follow a loose pattern that goes something like, ‘meditate, talk to your friends and get involved in activism’. While these are all perfectly good ideas they can sometimes seem merely to skim the surface of the psychic pain caused by species loss, global heating, and the threat of societal breakdown — not to mention the idea that our planet is no longer a viable habitat for new life.

This talk will discuss the ways in which the climate crisis may affect our mental health, as well as offering some alternative thinking around how we might be able work with and respond to ‘eco-anxiety’ in our practice, taking ideas from eco-psychoanalysis in order to propose a kind of ‘psychoactivism’.


Anouchka Grose is a psychoanalyst and writer practising in London. She is a member of The Centre for Freudian Research, where she regularly lectures. She has written non-fiction: No More Silly Love Songs: a realist’s guide to romance (Portobello, 2010), Are you Considering Therapy (Karnac, 2011), From Anxiety to Zoolander: notes on psychoanalysis (Karnac, 2018), A Guide to Eco-Anxiety: how to protect the planet and your mental health (Watkins, 2020) as well as writing fiction: Ringing for You (Harper Collins, 1999) and Darling Daisy (Harper Collins, 2000). She also writes about art and fashion, and contributes to The Guardian, Radio 4, and Resonance FM.

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