David Bell London Lectures

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David Bell

12 October 2023 - 14 December 2023

Time: 18:00 - 19:30

Price: £150 entire course , £20 for individual lectures. Subsidised places are available for students/those faces with limited financial resources

Location: online


David Bell has taught and lectured at The Tavistock and The British Psychoanalytic Society for over 25 years. This on-line series of 10 lectures offers an opportunity to make these lectures more widely available. This is the third series of lectures – but it is not necessary to have attended previous courses to be able to participate and benefit from this one.

As before the series will focus on the development of key psychoanalytic concepts, always keeping in mind their contemporary relevance. Two groups of students have particularly benefited form this course: those who have only limited prior knowledge of the subject and those who have already studied psychoanalysis (such as psychotherapists and psychoanalysts) but would like revisit theory in a more systematic way.

This year, following a lecture on paranoia which will serve to introduce the psychoanalytic model the mind, we will go on to consider some key psychoanalytic concepts including the development of the ‘psychoanalytic attitude’ from Freud to the present day.

We will also explore psychoanalytic contributions to the understanding of group psychology, literature and socio-cultural theory.

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