Cultural Competence In Therapeutic Practice (Free Sponsored by EVR & TADF)

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01 June 2023

Time: 10:00 - 16:30

Price: Free Event

Location: online


“All relationships are cross-cultural relationships. We differ by our contexts, worldviews, and geographically situated socio-cultural experiences”

This training will teach you the importance of working within cultural contexts, worldviews, and acculturation difficulties for ALL clients including those with diverse cultural and national heritage. By equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to understand clients’ cultural context(s), and worldviews, assess and conceptualize cultural difficulties, and build cross-cultural relationships you will be able to work more deeply and empathically in understanding clients’ difficulties relative to clients’ contexts and personal belief system. As client outcomes have been shown to be mediated by therapists’ own cultural awareness, this training will lead you through experiential exercises to help you reflect upon your own cultural context(s) and worldview. You will have the opportunity to applying these tools interactively and in small group sessions in readiness for therapeutic practice.


The training is structured into eight units with discussions, exercises, case examples, and practical interventions and strategies provided throughout. There will be opportunities to ask questions, bring in your own experiences of practice, and gain insight from therapists with experience of working with cultural competence and clients’ worldviews within the therapeutic practice.

Why Cultural Competence? Ubiquitous competence, ethics, risks, and antidiscrimination practice

Cultural Concepts: Worldviews, differential cultural identity, acculturation, negative experiences of therapy, humility, relative working & impact on Intersectional ‘diversity’ social groups

Exploring the dynamic of self, worldview, and our lived-in and historical culture(s)

Exploring client’s cultural contexts, heritage, national identities, and worldviews

Developing cross-cultural relationships and culturally relative working: roleplay reflection

Exploring client common cross-cultural conflicts

Group Case Study: Putting it together and working inside cultural, worldview, and individual contexts

Towards all-inclusive cultural and worldview competence: Next steps for self-development

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