Attachment and Trauma: The State of the Art of Psychotherapy

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ISC Training

23 June 2023 - 25 June 2023

Time: 08:30 - 17:00

Price: 245


The Royal Geographical Society – Ondaatje Lecture Theatre
1 Kensington Gore, London

United Kingdom

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In the last decades, psychotherapy has benefited from the integration with neuroscience research, which enables an increasingly in-depth understanding of brain functioning under physiological and traumatic conditions through the development of new research techniques. The impact of traumatic experiences on brain functioning, theorised by various psychotherapeutic approaches and confirmed by clinical experiences at all levels, is now also supported by neurophysiological investigations.

We are finally facing a moment of increasing and deep integration between different approaches and perspectives in analysing human functioning.

Clinical psychology, neuroanatomy, and the study of behaviour emphasise the crucial incidence of early life experiences in structuring the brain and developing personality. Psychotherapy is called upon to find effective repair elements to the critical fractures that developmental trauma can cause in individual development.

The experts speaking at the Congress will describe in detail different trauma intervention methods, allowing the audience to learn about the most comprehensive and up-to-date approaches on today’s international scientific scene, within the broader framework of attachment as a lens to observe individual personality development.

After the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the “Attachment and Trauma” Congress finally returns to London: a number of internationally well-known Experts will take the stage of the stunning Ondaatje Lecture Theatre della Royal Geographical Society, in the heart of the city. Their lectures will give a complete and varied overview of both the most advanced neuroscientific research studies and the most effective clinical interventions in the field of trauma therapy and the treatment of attachment disturbances.

The Congress will be live-streamed online as well, so as to allow those who are unable/unwilling to travel to take part in the event while staying at home. The Congress will also be videotaped: recordings will be on sale on ISC website and accessible without time limits.

Besides being an important opportunity for professional development, this 13th edition of the “Attachment and Trauma” Congress will also be a valuable moment to share with other mental health professionals from all over the world: if you are fed up with online courses and feel the need to meet your fellow colleagues in person to have an enriching and engaging learning experience, then join us in London! Only 700 seats available.

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