Annual Research Lecture

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British Psychoanalytical Society (incorporating the Institute of Psychoanalysis)

01 December 2021

Time: 20:00

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Location: online


Annual Research Lecture

The Role of Early Anxieties when Emerging from Autistic Pathological Organizations: The Dilemma of Cure

Lecturer: Joshua Durban, Israeli Psychoanalytic Society

Introductory Discussant: Gillian Ingall, British Psychoanalytical Society

In this presentation I will describe some theoretical and clinical findings concerning the development of child patients with autistic and autisto-psychotic features into adulthood in the course of intensive, long analyses. Using detailed clinical material taken from the five-sessions -per-week analysis of a young man, I will describe the process of emerging from the autistic pathological organization as depending on working through the constant interplay of paranoid -schizoid anxieties, autistic anxieties-of-being and of osmotic/diffuse anxieties.

The patient’s journey passed through three main stages: autistic encapsulation; autisto-psychotic defensive organization and, finally, autistic-manic-perverse pathological organization, with severe obsessive-compulsive defenses that help him ward-off the pains and anxieties of otherness and dependence.

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