2022 Freud Conference October 15

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Organised by:

Christine Hill

15 October 2022

Time: 08:30 - 18:00

Price: FULL: AUD $200, CONCESSION: AUD $175

Location: online


The Freud Conference is an annual Melbourne event now in its 24th year, which applies psychoanalytic thinking to the broader psychosocial context, combining it with clinical material. Based on different themes each year, and linked with current affairs, eminent international and local speakers from the psychoanalytic community and related academic fields are invited to present their work. The conference this year will be a Zoom webinar with post-conference viewing available.

Conference Organiser: Christine Hill
contact: christine.hill@monash.edu


Mary Morgan

Love, hate and otherness in intimate relating
Chair: Dr Timothy Keogh

I suggest that love, hate and curiosity about these emotions are part of a loving relationship and give life to the relationship. Hate arises from many sources: being with another who challenges our perceptions, facing the limitations of knowing and being known and understood by another and the painful disillusionment that can sometimes follow the ‘in love’ state. Not being able to bear the hate that is part of love can lead to hate going underground and having an insidious effect on the relationship, including a loss of intimacy.

Phil Stokoe

Climate Change, Nationalism, Academic Pressure and Social Media; what’s the impact on Adolescent development?

In the UK, Europe and the USA there has been an increase in reported MH problems in adolescence. I shall describe the process of adolescent development to show the necessary environmental factors for successful achievement of adult state of mind. Then I shall demonstrate how modern, first world society creates an environment that actually harms adolescent development by creating an atmosphere that diminishes both love and curiosity.

Phil Stokoe

Love through the eyes of Shakespeare
Chair: Dr Paul Coombe

In this presentation, I want to pick up the importance of love as an organising drive in the mind. I shall do this by a quick review of some of Shakespeare’s best known plays to think what it reveals about the importance of love or its absence in times of crisis. I hope to show that the bard and I agree that love is crucial to human growth and the development of a civilised society.

Chair: Dr Rob Gordon
Phil Stokoe and Mary Morgan will discuss, and then lead, an open forum on issues raised from all three presentations.

17.00 – 17.30 Musical interlude and post-conference chat room.

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