PPNow 2021 Recordings

PPNow 2021

Recordings are now available to purchase of PPNow 2021 ‘Sexual Diversity and Psychoanalysis: acknowledging the past and looking to the future’, held on 05 and 06 November 2021, British Library and online.

This event sought to recognise the past with a statement that regrets the pathological diagnoses of homosexuality and consequent exclusion of LGBT voices, and look to the future by bringing together contemporary psychoanalytic thinking on sexual diversity which moved beyond heteronormative assumptions.

The programme included speakers Dr Jack Drescher, American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst,  Lord Michael Cashman, and Prof Mary Hepworth, of the British Institute of Psychoanalysis.

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PPNow 2021 Recordings

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Event Programme

Friday 05 November: PPNow 2021 Public Lecture

Dr Jack Drescher: Controversies in Treating Transgender Children and Adolescents, followed by a Q&A chaired by Lee Smith, Tim Kent and Juliet Newbigin

Saturday 06 November: Psychoanalysis and Sexual Diversity: Acknowledging the past and looking to the future

  • Dr Jack Drescher’s plenary address: Homosexuality & Psychoanalysis: From the Preoedipal to the Postmodern
  • Prof Mary Hepworth Response: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and LGB, PhD Research
  • Statement of Regret, read by the BPC Chair
  • Lord Michael Cashman: Plenary address
    Jeremy Clarke Response
  • Leezah Hertzmann: Psychoanalytic work in a post heteronormative context
  • Reflections on Training Experiences with Svetlana Palmer, Alice Kentridge and Konstantinos Vlachakis
  • PPNow 2021 Awards


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