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Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings

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APPCIOS was founded in 2011 as a Member Institution of the BPC. We provide a bespoke portfolio training. leading to registration with the BPC as a psychodynamic organisational therapist.

We offer rigorous psychoanalytic experiential and theoretical learning derived from the therapeutic community and group relations traditions, alongside the application of psychoanalytic thinking to more intensive work with individual clients.

We aim to make psychoanalytic thinking available to anyone working with vulnerable client groups through our interactive Community Site, Psychodynamic Thinking.

Our members are psychodynamic practitioners working within organisational settings in a variety of professional roles, throughout the UK and beyond. They work towards BPC registration at their own pace, and there is no obligation to complete a full training in order to benefit from our supportive community, which includes members at all levels of seniority, or to attend our webinars, special interest groups and discussion groups, all available via the internet.

Our Community Site also hosts courses and trainings provided by affiliated organisations committed to working within the psychoanalytic tradition.

You can find out more about us here:

APPCIOS is an independent professional association whose members have demonstrated expertise in psychodynamic practice and counselling within organisational settings. It is not associated with any one training organisation but is able to accept practitioners from a wide variety of in-house and ‘portfolio’ trainings.


Training organisations

We accredit a range of psychoanalytic trainings that must adhere to our exacting standards. Find out more about our training organisations here
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