Online Courses at The Institute of Psychoanalysis

The Institute of Psychoanalysis are now offering a variety of online courses, ranging from beginner to advanced level, on the works of Melanie Klein, Donald Winnicott and Wilfred Bion, an advanced course on Sexuality and an advanced course in collaboration with the Maudsley hospital, amongst others.

Five Lectures on Sexuality In this course, Professor Rosine Perelberg traces the key contributions that psychoanalysis has brought to the understanding of sexuality. Starting with Freud’s revolutionary ideas on infantile sexuality, the course follows the contributions of Klein, Lacan, Green and Laplanche. It examines the importance of the notions of bisexuality and the paternal function to the understanding of the Oedipus complex. Maudsley lectures on psychoanalysis A series of lectures and seminars from the Institute of Psychoanalysis in partnership with the Maudsley Hospital. Several leading psychoanalysts have contributed talks on the application of psychoanalytical concepts to clinical work and beyond. This programme is orientated to be of particular interest to clinicians: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and others in mental health and allied professions. Bion in Practice In this course, Chris Mawson and Nicola Abel-Hirsch examine the work of Wilfred Bion from a practical perspective. Expanding on the introduction to Wilfred Bion, this course is focused on real, practical applications of Bion’s theories. Introduction to the course of Wilfred Bion This short course will give you an outline of Bion’s core ideas, their theoretical relevance and applications.

Introduction to the work of Melanie Klein

These lectures outline some of Klein’s main ideas, many of which caused an outcry at the time, some of which remain controversial and others of which are now part of mainstream thinking. These will also give you a sense of the ways in which Klein’s thought influences practice and thinking today.

Introduction to the work of Donald Winnicott

This course will introduce and consider in some detail Donald Winnicott’s central concepts, located amongst those who were pioneering and creating psychoanalytic thinking during the mid-years of the 20th century. Introduction to Psychoanalysis

Introducing the core ideas of Psychoanalysis, as proposed by Sigmund Freud and developed by his followers of the British Psychoanalytical Society. What exactly is psychoanalysis? What do our dreams mean? What happens in the consulting room? This course, taught by distinguished members of our society, will look at answering these and other questions in order to provide a broad understanding of this fascinating topic.

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