MBCT Teacher Training Diploma

Commencement Date: 25th September 2017

This MBCT Teacher Training Diploma, run by the renowned, Dr Patrizia Collard, a prominent member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations is a combination of modern technology and world class content which supports, trains and develops high quality MBCT teachers.

Introduction At the British Mindfulness Institute we are constantly moved and touched by the people who attend our courses and the tremendous change and healing that can happen through the regular practice of mindfulness. This profound impact on people has more recently manifested in a huge demand among people touched by the practice who wish to share it with others. As MBSR and MBCT programmes have spread across the world, there is a growing (and unprecedented) need to provide well-designed training for those who wish to teach MBSR and MBCT and share this practice with a wide variety of people and groups in a whole host of settings.

That is why we are excited to announce our collaboration with Dr Patrizia Collard a prominent member of the UK Mindfulness Network who will direct the teaching of Level 1 and Level 2 of our MBCT Teacher Training Diploma. Intended to support and develop people along their path toward teaching MBCT, this intimate foundational training will provide attendees the opportunities to learn in depth about the programme, but more importantly to explore it “from the inside out” in the role of teacher, through small group exercises, mindful feedback and reflection.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based group modality to treat acute anxiety and mood disorders that combines the tools of cognitive therapy with the practice of mindfulness meditation. This rigorous and internationally recognized two-level programme offered by The British Mindfulness Institute was developed to train the teaching competencies set out in the Bangor Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria.

Is there a demand for MBCT Teachers? The World Health Organisation recently stated that by 2030, mental health issues will form the biggest burden on health care resources including heart conditions and cancer.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) for preventing relapse in patients with recurrent depression, and is successful in half of all cases. Such findings have been backed up by neuroscience. MBCT is becoming a treatment of choice for prevention of recurrent depression in the UK National Health Service.

More recent work has led to major breakthroughs in understanding how mindfulness can reduce suicidality in depression, emotional turbulence in bipolar disorder and serious health anxiety.

What is the MBCT Teacher Training Diploma?

This programme is designed for anyone who wishes to deepen their existing mindfulness practice in order to develop MBCT teaching skills with others from a place of authenticity, compassion and confidence. Applicants are welcome from those who meet the minimum pre-requisities right through to those with many years experience.

The programme is a blend of online and live training and was designed by Dr Patrizia Collard and The British Mindfulness Institute. Dr Patrizia Collard has been teaching the content of this MBCT teacher training programme for the past 10 years and offers the programme in two learning stages with two modules to each stage.

Level 1:

Module 1 – 6 week online programme.
Module 2 – Two day live training workshop

Certificate of Completion: ‘MBCT Teacher in Training Diploma’ which equips you to run meditation sessions in various work contexts. You must complete both parts of Level 1 to receive the certificate.

Level 2:

One week of live training and silent retreat combined.

Certificate of completion: ‘MBCT Teacher Training Diploma’ accredites you as an ‘MBCT teacher’ and equips you to run MBCT programmes in various work contexts. You must complete both parts of Level 1 and 2 to receive this certificate.

(Please note anyone wishing to run MBCT with clinical populations will need an appropriate professional clinical training, and will need to follow the good practice guidelines of their own professional body).

The programme has been developed in this manner so that students have clarity and flexibility with regard to the training path and continual access to trainers and fellow students online as part of our Mindfulness training community.

Level 1 will run in September-November 2017. Level 2 will run in 2018.

What to expect during the programme?

The main focus of this programme will be on developing sound teaching skills in MBCT and skills in inquiry and dialogue. During the online part of the course, you will intensively practice the main exercises of the programme (body scan, mindful movement, especially gentle yoga, sitting and walking meditation) and learn how to teach them to others. The live training session is largely interactive and experiential, and you will be required to demonstrate teaching skills in small groups and discuss your experiences with one another, as well as doing meditation homework.

This training programme will facilitate the deepening of your personal mindfulness practice. A teacher’s embodiment of mindfulness is integral to teaching a mindfulness-based approach and we focus on looking at and working with all the aspects of this.

We support you in sharing your experiences with your colleagues online once the training program is finished because this can be an important resource for you to discuss your future work as a teacher.

This teacher training programme will fully prepare you to teach MBCT. The practically oriented online learning units, combined with the individual mentoring by an experienced teacher, both online and in live sessions, as well as the nurturing of one’s own meditation practice, build an approach that has been shown to be highly effective and supportive for trainee teachers.

It’s very important is check the validity of Mindfulness training

It is very important when you are choosing a Mindfulness training organisation, that you pick one which is proven to be affiliated to the UK Mindfulness Network. These mindfulness trainers are among the best in the field because they undergo the appropriate training and they abide by the UK Network for Mindfulness based teachers Good Practice Guidelines. This network meets every year and decides together on improving and upholding the standards. Please see the following link for all organisations affiliated to this network:


Dr Patrizia Collard, who is running this programme is a prominent member of this network and her company is Enter Mindfulness. You know you are in safe hands.




You will a 6 week online module which will include videos, guiding teacher teaching, assignments, webinars, inclusion on our Discussion Forum etc.


WHAT YOU’LL BE GETTING Level 1: Module 2


In this highly experiential workshop where you will practice the learnings from the online programme. A maximum of 12 participants are accepted on this programme ensuring that it is a highly personalised, supportive and effective environment for producing highly trained MBCT teachers.


WHAT YOU’LL BE GETTING SUPPORT During each stage of the programme our Guiding Teachers will be present both online and live to direct the learning process by synthesizing emerging themes, answering questions, and providing ongoing participant feedback.

The two members of our faculty who will be running this programme are Dr Patrizia Collard and Helen Stephenson. Both are highly experienced practitioners and teachers of mindfulness, who are experts in the fields of teaching mindfulness-based interventions. (For more details of the Faculty click the ‘About Us’ tab).


Why are we different? The reason our training programme is so successful is because we have responded to people’s requirements to have a flexible, convenient and cost effective MBCT training programme while not compromising on teaching and personal support. Our world class learning management system facilitates the teaching of this programme in a highly effective way and is followed by a very personalised live training programme with highly experienced Mindfulness trainers. Embarking on this course, you will achieve a huge transformation in your life and that of your patients/clients.

Our training organisation is a participating member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations. Our trainers adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers and we encourage the teachers we train to adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Teachers.


Next MBCT Teacher Training Diploma (Level 1) LEVEL 1 – Module 1: 6 Week Online Programme Monday 25th September 2017 – Sunday 5th November 2017 LEVEL 1 – Module 2: 2 day workshop 11th – 12th November 2017, 10.30 – 6.30, Honor Oak Park, London, SE23



Fee: £1,199

A deposit of £500 is payable on acceptance onto the training. The balance can be paid in full before the start of the training. Payment can also be made in two remaining installments prior to the start date of the course.



Type of course: 
British Mindfulness Institute
On line
Commencement Date: 
25th September 2017