Introduction to infant development

This is a one-year certificate course in infant development. The course takes participants through the first months of life, looking at topics such as the foetus and birth, breast feeding, attachment, brain development, the role of fathers and the challenges faced by refugee families.


Aim: To give participants a deeper understanding of healthy and pathological infant development, and of the family setting.
Learning objectives: Participants will have a greater understanding of:
  • The physical and mental development of the infant before and after birth
  • The roles and experience of mothers and fathers during the perinatal period 
  • Some of the early difficulties that infants and mothers can experience
  • Some particular challenges that can be faced, for example in a refugee family or when the mother is more vulnerable because of her mental health needs or addiction
Dates: The course consists of 15 fortnightly seminars that are arranged in three ten-week modules: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar and Apr-Jun. Trainees can join the course at the beginning of any module
Location: In person at 27 Frognal, London NW3 1AD or remotely via the internet.
Fees: £1,475
Suitable for: Anyone who is interested in an infant's early years, either professionally or as a parent. The course also provides CPD for relevant members of staff, for example, from community centres, Sure Start centres and nurseries.
Assessment: Successful completion of the course depends upon:
  • Satisfactory attendance at the seminars
  • A pass mark for a 4,000 word paper on an aspect infant development drawn from the course
Note: Completion of this course can count towards the School's Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


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Type of course: 
The Parent Infant Centre
In person at 27 Frognal, London NW3 1AD or remotely via the internet.