Related Organisations

Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS
Established in 1981, the APP is an umbrella organisation concerned to advance the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the public health sector. Practitioners indicating membership of the APP in the alphabetical sections of the BPC Register are psychoanalytic psychotherapists who have completed a training with one of the training organisations of the BPC and hold or have retired from posts in the National Health Service or in other public services.
Administrative office: Suite 7, 19-23 Wedmore Street, London N19 4RU
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Association of Child Psychotherapists
The ACP is the professional body for child and adolescent psychotherapists in the United Kingdom. It holds a national and international register and can provide information about the location of child psychotherapists working in the public and voluntary sectors and in private practice. Established in 1949, the ACP is recognised by the Department of Health as the body which provides professional advice to NHS employers and accredits UK trainings in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. Obtaining a qualification is the requirement for employment as a Child Psychotherapist in the NHS and for membership of the ACP. The ACP is the designated authority for the recognition of the qualification of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists from European Union countries wishing to work in the UK.
Administrative office: Suite 7, 19-23 Wedmore Street, London N19 4RU
Tel: 020 7281 8479  Email: