BPC Chair Vacancy

We are currently looking for a new Chair of the BPC.

The Chair of BPC plays a key role in the governance of the organisation and in maintaining good relationships with our Member Institutions (MIs). The Chair acts as a figurehead for the BPC and leads the Trustee Board in the setting of the organization’s strategic priorities. The Chair safeguards the organisation’s reputation and values.

To apply, please send us a copy of your CV and a supporting statement (no longer than 2 pages) outlining how you meet all parts of the person specification. The deadline to apply is 11 October.

Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to meet with various stakeholder groups between 22 October and 8 November, with interviews taking place on 12 November.

Role Description:

Time Commitment: Approximately two hours a week in meetings, two hours a week on emails, including ten Board meetings per annum, three Council meetings per annum including the AGM, chairing the annual PPNow conference, occasional BPC events, regular meetings with the Chief Executive, and other ad-hoc meetings.

Term of office: four years, January 2022 to December 2025, with the possibility of extension for a further term.

Main tasks:

To lead the BPC in our regulatory role and in championing the psychoanalytic profession.

  1. Working Collaboratively in setting vision, values, mission, strategy and high-level policy in accordance with charity regulations and the governing document
  2. To lead the Council and The Board of Trustees in ensuring that they fulfil their responsibilities for the governance of the organisation and ensuring that the organisation acts in accordance with its constitution
  3. To work closely with the Chief Executive to achieve the organisation’s objectives and help optimise the relationship between Member Institutions and BPC
  4. Work alongside the Chief Executive in promoting the organisation, representing the organisation effectively to Registrants, Member Institutions and external stakeholders.

Role in more detail:

Working with the Board of Trustees and the Council

  • Ensuring with the Chief Executive, that meeting administration is efficiently managed, including setting agendas, reviewing actions and minutes
  • To chair meetings of the Council and The Board of Trustees, ensuring they function effectively.
  • To lead recruitment and induction into the Board to succession plan in relation to the key officers of the Board.
  • To chair the Annual General Meeting, ensuring that proper representation of the organisation’s activities is provided to our MIs and Registrants.
  • With the Chief Executive, ensure that all Board members receive appropriate support and training relating to their roles.
  • Empower and support the Chief Executive to ensure that staff have appropriate resources (personnel, financial, material) to deliver their duties and develop their potential
  • Actively support the psychoanalytic psychotherapy community to develop the next generation of Registrants
  • Working with the CEO and Board to ensure the organisational structure ensures the effective flow of information and clarity of authority.
  • With the Board of Trustees, monitor the progress of the organisation in the light of its agreed objectives.

Ensuring good regulation

  • Working closely with the Chief Executive, and Chairs of the relevant professional committees (Registration, Professional Standards, and Ethics), to help ensure the organisation has in place effective regulatory measures, that maintain highest professional standards and are compliant with the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority

Oversight of resources

  • To lead recruitment and the appointment of the CEO and to contribute as needed to the appointment of other senior staff
  • o support and review the work of the Chief Executive, conducting regular appraisals and offering appropriate development opportunities
  • To receive regular informal progress reports of the organisation’s work through the Chief Executive
  • In consultation with the Chief Executive and other relevant staff, to agree an annual calendar of meetings
  • With the Chief Executive and other Board members, to set the financial strategy of the organisation and ensure it is adhered to.
  • To ensure that the organisation’s financial dealings are prudently and systematically accounted for, audited and publicly available
  • With the CEO plan to ensure future sustainability of the organisation
  • Monitor conflict in the organisation. helping the CEO, staff, trustees and others resolve conflicts to protect the organisation’s reputation and preserve morale.
  • Act as the final adjudicator in the organisational complaints processes, particularly where the CEO is the subject of the complaint or grievance.
  • Delegating the above duties appropriately.

Promotion of the organisation

  • With the Chief Executive, to represent the organisation to external audiences as appropriate
  • Strengthen and develop two-way engagement with key audiences.

Some of the duties listed above may be delegated to individual Board or staff members, or sub-committees of the Board. In these cases, the Chair should ensure that delegations are made only to those with appropriate skills, and that all delegation is managed effectively.

Person Specification:

This is an appointment of the Board, it is expected that the successful candidate will possess the following skills, attributes and experiences:

  • The applicant must be a BPC Registrant
  • Extensive experience in a leadership role
  • An excellent understanding of the psychoanalytic psychotherapy profession and community
  • Demonstrable knowledge of, and commitment to, the regulatory role of the BPC
  • Extensive experience of strategic planning and development
  • Demonstrable commitment to equality and diversity
  • Excellent communication skills and a track record of building positive relationships and consensus
  • Ability to warrant the respect of peers throughout the profession
  • Ability to effectively represent the profession to high level external audiences
  • Ability and willingness to travel to attend events and meetings
  • Willingness and flexibility to work evenings to attend meetings, conferences and other events where appropriate.

To apply, please send us a copy of your CV and a supporting statement (no longer than 2 pages) outlining how you meet all parts of the person specification.

BPC Chair role description and person spec

BPC Chair role description and person spec
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