Professional Standards and Registration


The BPC enjoys a reputation of maintining high professional standards for our clinicians on our public Register.

Registrants are required to comply with our Code of Ethics, undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and sign an annual declaration, to remain on the Register. In addition, Registrants are also required to be a member of one of our Member Institutions. For a list of Member Insititutions please click here. 


If you are an existing Registrant and looking to register and complete your CPD declaration, ensure you are logged into your BPC account and then click here.


BPC Registration fees for 2020/21:

Registrant (full)                                          £315.00

Registrant (newly qualified)                       £255.00

Registrant (pre retired)                              £131.00

Registrant (NHS only)                               £131.00

Registrant (Teaching/Supervisory only)    £131.00

Deferred Registrant                                  £131.00

Newly qualified category: Registrants who graduated from a BPC accredited training since 1st April 2018 and have not been a BPC registrant prior to this.

Pre-retired category: Registrants winding down their practice and not accepting new patients. Registration under this category is limited to a maximum period of 5 years and a maximum of 120 hours of clinical practise / patient contact per annum.

NHS category: Registrants only working clinically in the NHS, have no other clinical work and are subject to the NHS clinical governance requirements.

Supervisory / Teacher category: Registrants not seeing patients but wish to continue to supervise and teach within training courses which require BPC registrantion.

Deferred category: Regsitrants not currently seeing patients in the UK (for example, taking a career break or working overseas). Deferred Registrants are not required to undertake CPD nor are they subject to the Ethical Guidelines or Complaints Procedure as they will not be seeing patients within the UK.


If you are an existing Registrant and looking to register and complete your CPD declaration, ensure you are logged into your BPC account and then click here.


For more information please contact the BPC Office via or 020 7561 9240

The BPC's Professional Standards Committee, has the responsibility for registration of Registrants and has the right to refuse to renew registration or may direct to remove a Registrant’s name from the Register should they consider a registrant has failed to adequately fulfil the CPD requirements or the declaration.